Munchy's Oat Krunch With Chia Seed

by - June 03, 2015

As the label says, " Deliciously Fun & Tasty Crackers", it is really tasty crackers. Oat Krunch is made from the natural goodness of oats for the health conscious. Beside oat, this varian is also made from chia seed. It is packed in convenience sachets so you can easily bring it anywhere. The other good thing for sachets packaging (1 sachet consists of 3 biscuits pieces) is we can control our snacking calories!

The sweetness of this biscuit is perfect for me, it is not too sweet just like any other biscuits. I can taste the a lil' saltiness (which I like) and also it sounds krunch-krunch-krunch when I bite it. It is thin & crunchy. I also can feel the chia seed texture in my bite.

The good thing, 1 sachet (3 pcs of biscuits) only has 125 kcal calories. Half of this biscuit consists of whole grain content which is good for our health. It also has dietary fiber around 2 g/sachet. Well, this is gonna be my favorite healthy snack. 

And it is perfect for teatime! So I'll enjoy Munchy's Krunchy Oat with my favorite black tea. Happy snacking everyone!

Packaging rating    : 5 out of 5
Yumminess rating   : 5 out of 5
Healthiness rating  : 4 out of 5

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